A rise in off-premise business models, omnichannel technology, and new industry players are setting the stage for the future of restaurants.

This is our first deep dive into one of our top 10 foodservice trends. Read the full list here.

What defines a restaurant? An inviting place to share a meal? A delicious dish, prepared from the kitchen of an inspired chef? A cool brand that serves ~vibes~? Or is it just a way to satisfy our hunger? Like a lot of things in 2020, the concept of a restaurant has been flipped on its head.

Facing unprecedented constraints, operators have had to get creative and scrappy in a shuttered world, reimagining how, where, and what to serve hungry consumers. Tactics…

We’ve identified 10 trends that will affect foodservice in the months and years ahead

2020 was an unprecedented year for the foodservice industry. COVID restrictions forced restaurants to shut their doors. Technology and operational innovation was fast-tracked as the industry pivoted towards virtual, contactless business. Social, economic, political, and climate issues became impossible for businesses of all kinds to ignore, with restaurants being no exception.

At Relish Works, we explore the impacts of technology, evolving consumer demands, and macro trends on foodservice from farm to fork. We’ve been riding the wave of 2020 along with restaurant operators and quickly developing solutions to help support them. …

Relish Works

We’re a foodservice innovation hub exploring the future of the industry.

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